Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Hey ladies, the wait is over: SCRATCH & SNIFF issue #1 is hot off the presses and in stock over at our command center in North Buffalo where we all work and listen to prog recurds while twittering. As said, this ish has an epic 7-page i/v of those darling Shittsburgh rock stars ROT SHIT, Rochester's youngest nitrous peddlers BRAIN CAR, a piece on knee-wounding blooze-rockers LINCOLN ST. EXIT, a one-would-think-amateur "my favowit wecords" section by Rot-core correspondent Dicky Butler that proves Meltzer's legacy in more than a dick-sucking gesture, and reviews of punk/herdcore rex that are mostly readily available at SPIRAL SCRATCH RECORDS - 291 Bryant Street, Buffalo NY. You pay $2 for another nail in venerable rock crit's coffin and it comes from yer own soul-sucked 'n rusted stomping grounds. SMOKE BONGZ.

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