Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Listen ya chinaman...

Here's the lowdown: we buy records... we put the records on our stereos... we listen to the records... and we douse the records in arbitrarily esoteric creative writing forays. Then we stick these gems in amongst interviews and images of our favorite rustbelt rockrollers. Then you buy. Win-win. The zine is called Scratch & Sniff and it's brought to you by men involved in Termbo, THTL, Plates, Brown Sugar, Insubordinates, Bad Taste and other subversive media. Lucky you! Ish #1 is in the works and will involve the following:
Think about this… like, Rot Shit can play the biggest show in Brooklyn, or the hardest punk show, or whatever, and as long as there’s drugs and chicks there, we’ll be there. And we’ll be fucking sick. And you know what?, if we’re on acid in front of 300 people, what’re they gonna do? We’ve got their money.
a ride in the BRAIN CAR
so when we got booked at a school it was hot shit; all these random shittsford fags thought they were celebrities because our careeer was WYLDDDDDD.....they fucked up their whack school while we fucked shit up and now we're independent rock revolutionaries alongside acts like Pink Reason and BLANK DOGS.
If you'll recall, if you'll remember, if you'll reiterate a point in time - that one scene in The Giant Gila Monster, circa tomorrow, the moment that throws teenage normality to the dogs, regardless of its apparent sterility. You can't put sleaze to words and sleaze certainly don't look good on paper, but baby, you do. Let me put you down on paper, let me touch that.

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